About Me

My journey into parenthood started several years ago when I met the love of my life. He was a long haired salesman hippie and I was a day care teacher living in my grandma’s extra bedroom. Mutual friends brought us together and we have been inseparable since our first date. In November 2012, I got “sick” and after two weeks of living in the bathroom every morning, we realized that I was actually pregnant. We were young, scared, and yet completely overjoyed. Everything about my pregnancy was normal: I had morning sickness every day until the end of my first trimester, I craved tuna fish (despite my lifelong hatred for it), I cried rivers of tears while watching YouTube videos of dogs being reunited with their military owners, and so on. It was just your typical pregnancy until one day in March when we almost lost our little man. We found out during an ultrasound that I had an incompetent cervix and I was rushed to the hospital to have an emergency cerclage put in. I stayed in the hospital for two weeks to be monitored, and was then put on strict bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. The doctors said that if they hadn’t stitched my cervix that day, they were certain that we would have lost our son.

I survived months of bed rest (thanks to Netflix and Pinterest) and gave birth to my son Liam in July of 2013. We are so blessed to have such a little miracle in our lives.

My husband and I were married 3 months after our son’s birth and the story of our little family continues. I am  a stay at home mom and college student. I love to cook, host a get together for every opportunity I can think of, pin workouts that I rarely end up doing, and organize anything and everything.  I certainly live “the mommy life” and each day is more exhausting and more rewarding than the last. As my little man learns to talk and use the potty, I learn to have patience and the most effective ways to avoid apple juice spills.

I write this blog for all the mommies out there who are on bed rest and need the comfort of knowing that it gets easier. I write this blog for all the mommies who wake up exhausted but continue to put their little ones first. I write this for all of the young mommies who are scared and have no idea what they’re doing. I write this blog for all the mommies who just need someone that understands/relates. And I write this blog for all the mommies who just need that tallll glass of wine at the end of a long day.






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